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Sep 16, 2005
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Hmmm ... I don't see anything ... but my eyes are getting old.

Ahha - refreshed screen and my eyes are working now!!!
I think there is a interesting shot here ... but you need to decide why you took this image. What was it about this scene that you wanted to capture. For me, it has an each way bet ... at little bit of everything.
From your post title, I'm thinking it was the lifeboat and it would be for me. The houses in the background and the rigging on the right are distractions in my opinion.
I think you would have a stronger image if you got in closer and focused on the ropes and lines sweeping down the sides.
The lighting is a a bit flat - need a boost in contrast maybe (or shoot at another time)??
Love the orange and black on the lifeboat and the ropes at front.
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AceCo55, thanks for the comments...that's pretty good feedback. I think you are probably right on all counts. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating with my vacation, so I had to take what I got :) If I get back to CT, I will definitely try to reshoot it.
Jocose; i prefer your dramatic night shop images etc.; this is badly composed; a vertical shot with more space above the boat would have strengthened it
Please go out this night ;)
Regards :D
Two thoughts: 1/ there is only one lifeboat, so why the plural? Or, are they stacked? Wow, yet another way to impede the passengers on the Costa Concordia. 2/ who needs a lifeboat that close to shore?

For some reason your screen name makes me think of Italy and I was expecting something to do with the Concordia. But then you seem to be from a french speaking country that doesn't know how to speak french :(

That said, get rid of the houses and trees and we'll have a much nicer image. Either that or change the title.
c.cloudwalker, I'm neither Italian nor am I French. I did take 2 years of French in high school though. Jocose is of Latin derivation.

They are stacked lifeboats, and the ship is so close to shore because it is part of a museum.

Thanks, Blitz55

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