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Jun 20, 2010
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I hope i worded that right. I have a Nikon D3000 and im looking for a lighting/flash kits to use for taking pictures. I want something that is easy to pick up and go. Most of the pictures i take our outside. However since winter is coming i will be doing some indoor shoots for family and friends. Basically want to have a mini studio on the go. What kind of stands, external flashes, soft boxes, and etc would i need?
Speedlights with small stands is one answer.

Maybe one good speedlight like the SB-900, along with two SB-600s, or possibly a couple of older model flashes.

For stands, I'd recommend inexpensive Impact stands from B&H. They have light stands just the right size for portraits for $30-$40.
What's your budget?

Have a look at this Strobist Starving Student SC3 Lighting Kit

That seems like a cool kit. Would you compare the flashes that come with it to any of the nikon/canon flashes?

I'm sure Mike will agree with me on this; it's always good to have one TTL wnabled flash by the manufacture of your camera.

With that being said, you can always mix and match after that. An SB-600 plus several cheaper manual strobes can get you going. The only cheap alternative for larger "studio" lights would be the Alien Bee.

Be, the real question and the first I should have asked is, what is your budget and experience?
Yes, it would certainly be handy to have a dedicated TTL flash, especially if it's your only flash. I didn't mention it because they said they wanted a mini studio, so I went right for the off-camera lighting.

Would you compare the flashes that come with it to any of the nikon/canon flashes?
Guide number: 140 (at ISO 100, feet) (Equivalent to Nikon SB-900 and Canon
580 EX II)
So power wise, they are pretty close. The difference is that these ones are straight manual flashes, compared to the 'auto' features on the dedicated flashes. But for studio lighting, manual control is pretty standard.

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