Lightning off my balcony in Mexico.


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Aug 20, 2003
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Puerto Peñasco, Mexico
This shot was taken in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. It is very rare for storms in this area and I just decided to take a few shots. I am new to photography, but am very interested in it. I am a webdesigner and taken great photos is the only thing I need to improve on. Tell me what you think about this shot.


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Great shot! I've been to Puerto Penasco.. stayed at the Princessa de Penasco or something like that. Probably go back in October since it's such a short trip from phoenix.
Great lightning shot! Just tell me you didn't take just one photo and got that! I sat through an electrical storm once, took 130 photos to score photos of varying quality that actually had lightning in them.
That is a great shot. I've tried to shoot lightening many times and have never gotten results like that. Good Job!
I wish that I could tell you the shutter speeds and aperture, but I have no idea. I just started playing with photography a couple of months ago. I just put my Canon Powershot G2 on Automatic held the button half way and when I saw a flash I would push the button the rest of the way down. Just kindof beginners luck.

Thanks for all your comments.
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lightning ROCKS more than anything that has rocked before...

and pics of lightning kick ass too.

Very nice. :)

{click.. save pic as desktop.. and thank you ver' much}
;) :D :D :D

would also like to see any links to pics of extreme weather in anyone has any.. ;)
i love lightening photos, especially really dramatic ones! cool colours!

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