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Jul 9, 2010
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North Carolina
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I downloaded the free trial...Its been working fine for over a week.
All of a sudden today its acting up!
If i just use the basic editor that pops up to the right, it will go pretty fast..but when i go to "view" "adjust white balance" or "crop" more options pop up to the right as usual but it freezes and all my options are greyed out. The photo i have selected says "loading" but never loads...
I thought maybe i had too many photos still stored in it so i deleted all of them and tried importing only one and its still doing the same thing.
I downloaded the trial again on hubbys computer and its doing the exact same thing.
Also, as soon as this started...when we try to view pictures now through windows photo gallery on either cycles through them out of order and then freezes.
Any suggestions?
can you give us some details on the computer?
what are you running?
is this lightroom 3 we're talking about?....64bit? card...

these might be able to help someone on here advise you.

im running LR3 64bit on win7 and ive had no issues to date. sry i cant help you out more. good luck!
I haven't personally run into this problem... thankfully. However, I have been using Lightroom for some time now and usually browse through the Lightroom forums on Adobe's website each day along with PhotoForum. Since regulars there are concentrating specifically on Lightroom so much, many of them are familiar from past threads with a wide range of Lightroom problems. They may be able to help you further.

You can find the Adobe Forums for Lightroom here:

Adobe Forums: Forum: Photoshop Lightroom

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