Lights of Christmas

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    Well, I've been doing this thing in December where I go out and take a picture of an amazing display of Xmas lights. I've been getting lots of invites and suggestions.

    Heres what I have so far; Taken in Toronto, ON

    December 7th -- Weston & Rogers

    December 8th -- Bayview & Steeles

    December 9th -- Islington & Dundas

    December 10th -- Islington & Dundas

    December 11th -- Caledonia & St. Clair

    December 12th -- Caledonia & St. Clair

    December 13th -- Caledonia & St. Clair

    December 14th -- Eglinton & Dufferin

    December 15th -- Keele & Sheppard

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    Any suggestions?

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