Little Girl with Sensory Disorder


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Feb 26, 2008
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Now here's a story to melt your heart! The older little gilr in these pics was born with a Sensory Disorder. She doesn't like new things, she doesn't like new textures, she doesn't like hugs, new people, new environments . . . . new sisters :(

The mom called and explained the disorder to me and immediately my mind went to work. She needed an environment that she felt was safe and comfortable and normal. (NOT A STUDIO with big flashing lights . . . ) I set up one strobe light in my kitchen and wiped down the wall really well and did their portraits on my wood floor first. We put Keily on moms lap and did a few portraits that way for a while.


then we took some of little sister so she could see what was going on


then we did some with the two together


then when I felt Keily was ready, we moved into the studio



we ended up outside in my side yard






It went really well. You'll notice that there aren't alot of pics where Keily is looking directly at the camera. I was something new to her!!! I couldn't interact with her like I do with other kids, I had to document what was happening not instruct or else she would start screaming! A few times I made the mistake of telling her what a pretty girl she was, and she would instantly start crying. Her mom said that this was one of the first times that she would even sit near or hold her baby sister. I think we got some gorgeous shots of some beautiful little girls!

there are more on my flikr account, I couldn't fit them all here!
Flickr: scrapmom1's Photostream
These are great photos. I good way to show other clients you have flexibility to work with all sorts of situations and people

Beautiful pictures and great way to ease her. :)

Really like your walls and floor. Great contrast and your yard, is it your yard is huge!

As a mother of a son with Sensory Integration Disorder, I couldn't resist the urge to tell you how GREAT it feels to know that there are other photographers out there that will go the extra mile to make sure ALL their customers are served in an environment that best suits them. You went the extra mile and made the little girl feel comfortable and that speaks volumns to her mother, I'm sure they will be repeat customers. I applaud not only the great photographs you took, but also the exceptional customer service that you provided!
I really appreciate everyones comments on these! I have done a few handicapped children/teens . . . anyway, they just really touch me. They are usually more comfortable with who they are than some of the "NORMAL" people I've photographed. I love the challenge of making them feel beautiful while at the same time, capturing who they are inside AND out.

This one was just so touching to me. As a mom to 4 kids, I would be heartbroken if it was hard for one to cuddle with me or to interact with their siblings.

Good work, nice and crisp with a good exposure. Well done!
Great shots!!! I know how hard that is and god bless her parents. My daughter has Aspergers which is very Similar.
she's a total cutie :)

BTW.. hello from a fellow utah resident :)

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