Live in studio a good idea ?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by splitcock, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Hello folks,

    Im considering converting some of my warehouse into a live-in photographic studio to share with 7 others and wanted to know if this idea suits Heres the concept:

    Half the building is an open-plan new refurbished living area with bedrooms bathrooms etc. The other half is a new studio with a load of nifty cutting-edge gear ( P65?) that is free for everyone in the building to use. (with a bit of co-operation) Would people be willing to chip in a premium rent for this. The extra rent to cover purchase costs would be less than one day studio and equipment hire!
    Heres the gear:
    Phase One P65 digital Back with Phase645AFD body with -
    80mm f2.8D lens, 120mm f4D Macro lens, 4.5m F/W 600 & 800 cables,
    2 x batteries, Twin charger, car charger, CF card with F/W reader, Cleaning kit, location trolley case
    +2X Red-Head lamps
    Capture Pro software for Mac & PC,
    Photoshop CS4
    Large Format Printer – ( yet to be specified )​
    Id be chuffed if I could get some feedback on this as an idea before I start grovelling to the bank and hacking up my warehouse

    Im thinking around 800 pounds pcm, zone 2, London



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    You are talking about some high end camera gear here. I'm not sure that the type of photographer who needs that type of gear, is the same type of photographer who wants to share a living space with 7 mates.

    I can see photographers wanting to share a studio space, and even sharing the lighting equipment...but all of them living there, sounds like another bad idea for a reality show.

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