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Local students killed in crash


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Apr 7, 2007
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Campbellton, NB, Canada
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I heard about that on the radio here in Toronto yesterday. Absolutely unbelievable/shocking that 7 team members perished (as well as a teacher). It will be a sad sad time at that school and community. My heart goes out to all the families and friends of those involved.
Wow, terrible news. This is must be a terrible blow to the school and community. So sorry to hear this. We will have you all on our hearts and prayers.
John & Cathy
Not just to the community, but to the whole region. We aren't used to tragedies happening so close to home...
I just drove by the accident site earlier and they put up a basketball net with flowers and the names of the boys in the team. It's going to be a weird day tomorrow...
The tragedy was on the front page of the paper here. The east coast has some of the most warm-hearted and generous people I've ever met. My condolences go out to everyone there.

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