Looking for a On-Camera Flash - Under $100

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Dec 13, 2009
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I've been shopping around for an on-camera flash unit for my T2i for a while that isn't more than $100. I have access to a Canon 430ex, as my father has one, but I'd like to get my own for everyday shooting. I take a lot of pictures indoors, at events, family gatherings, etc. I am looking for something that has a swiveling head, can bounce light, and has E-TTL for Canon cameras. Not really interested in doing too much off camera flash work (just yet anyway).

So the 430ex is nice, but I am seeing a lot of third party flashes being talked about for under $100. What I have been looking at recently is the YN-468, which seems to have what I am looking for but there are a lot others that are either cheaper, same price, and very similar (Vivitar, Bower, etc.)

Figured I'd ask you all what you think I should invest in. Again, I am really just looking for on-camera E-TTL that I can swivel and bounce flash.
My experiences with Yongnuo products is that seem to do the job they claim to do and the prices are excellent. The quality isn`t great, but not terrible either. I will buy more of their products.
YN is purely manual.
So what advantages would a Canon Flash have over say a YN-468? I am speaking solely on camera advantages.

If they are very similar then I will most likely just go with a YN since they are 1/4-1/3 the price.
Canon flashes will tend to be more powerful and built better, possibly with better functionality (cant really comment on any of th YN flashes except the 460 which I had, but that was all manual).
Well, the durability factor for one. The YN's are also all manual-you have to set them by hand. THe camera doesn't do it for you in any way. The output, the ability to use with the canon off camera trigger system...
The YN's are an awesome value for the price, but you are still getting what you pay for in comparison to the Canon flashes.

Off camera flash with the YN-560.
The difference in actual GN numbers is a pretty big deal. Only 20m actual for the YN-468, and 34m actual for the 430 EX II, a 43 foot difference. In other words for the Yongnuo flash unit to provide the same amount of light your subject has to be 42 feet closer to you.

The Yongnuo's eTTL is all reverse engineered, so don't be surprised if there are upward compatibilty issues with any new Canon camera's that get launched, and good luck with any warranty repairs that may be needed. Round trip to China takes awhile.
Yongnuo 468...

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