LP-E6 battery for Canon 6D


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Aug 11, 2013
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Los Angeles, CA
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I currently have three LP-E6 batteries for my 6D. Currently I use the kit battery as my main battery. The extra two batteries stay in my camera bag. I fully charged them two months ago and haven't used them since. I continually use my kit battery and recharge it when needed.

My questions is whether or not I should be rotating my batteries? Theory being that over time they will lose their charge being unused. Second question would be if I can leave them in my bag without rotating, and if so, what duration should I recharge them. Like every how many months, weeks etc.

thank you, any feedback is much appreciated.

Eventually they will lose their charge if they go unused. It's better to rotate them in and know they are charged.
I'd rotate them, if only so that you are familiar with them. Having spares that haven't been used (or at least tested) in months, is a bit on the uncomfortable side for me.
Thank you guys! I agree... I'd rather just rotate them. Batteries will get used and worn. Ill number them with a sharpie so I gain familiarity with them. Thanks again, hope this helps others as well.

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