LX5 vs iPhone 5c?


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Jan 25, 2016
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Hi everyone, after some debating over the camera that I'm going to buy for travel usage, I've decided on probably the lx5 (for all video recording, I've decided to use my iPhone 5c), and I wanted to know if the lx5, for still photography, is going to be worth it for the price when I've already got an iPhone. As far as I'm concerned, the one major drawback of the iPhone is the lack of zoom, so perhaps I could buy additional lenses for my phone instead of the money spent to buy the lx5, but I'm not sure. As a total rookie, I've compared specs, but they're all Greek to me, so any input from others will be appreciated. Thanks!
The lx5 can give you control over the depth of field, and you can blur backgrounds with the fast lens. It will also give you better low light performance.
Here are some sample shots that I took with my LX5.


The LX5 is a lovely camera but the iPhone is more convenient.
One is a camera dedicated to photography. The other is a phone that is happens to have a camera in it. You have to decide, quality or convenience.
Well, I've decided I'm going to buy the lx5, but the only problem is, I can't find anywhere to buy it for a reasonable price (reasonable being $130 max), except ebay, and I've already lost some auctions for the lx5 on there. :( Anyone know some good used camera sites?
Have you checked KEH? Adorama or B&H used? Local pawn shops, Craigslist?
Yes. Much better. And worth it. If you have bid and lost, then you know what they are going for on the bay. Things are worth what others are willing to pay. You will usually not be able to buy something cheaper from a business than from an individual. A business needs to cover costs. An individual just wants a little cash. I keep a smaller point and shoot on my belt in a Tamrac 3817 belt pouch. This pouch is excellent because it is Velcro instead of zipper. It is actually more convenient and faster to get to than my phone. Don't wait until your trip to wear that little camera out. Memorize where the battery charge indicator is and look at it every time you turn it on. Keep an extra fully charged battery with you all the time. When you take pictures of pets get down to their level. Make sure you have a big enough memory card. Post pictures during your trip for your friends and family to follow. Take pictures of your friends not smiling. Take pictures of your friends doing stuff and not looking at the camera.
I've found another good listing and I've bid on it, so hopefully I'll win that one! Thank you everyone for your helpful advice and your tips in helping me choose a camera!

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