Macro lens and PK-13 extension tube question...

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by railman44, Sep 17, 2004.

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    I attached a Nikon extension tube to a 55mm macro AI lens and the focusing doesn't seem to work correctly. It's attached correctly and the camera is a manual Nikon F2A. Any ideas? Looking through the viewfinder the objects didn't seem as large as I thought they would either. I must be doing something wrong...

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    The DOF is much narrower then without the extension tube. I've found I have to move the camera it'self sometimes to get proper focus.

    I've used the PK-11a, PK-12 & PK-13 singly and stacked with both the 60mm & 105mm AF Macro lenses. I have not used the 55mm manual Macro although both the lenses I have used have been set to manual in order to use them with the extension tubes.

    What exactly isn't focusing? Can you focus at all? Distance from your subject becomes more and more critical as you add the extensions.

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