Macro lens sharpness - a test of 3 macro lenses


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Apr 8, 2009
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For my 70 and 150mm lenses ettl generally does very well - like I said ambient lighting can mean a little bit of exposure compensation is needed just to tweak it one way or the other. The 65mm things get a bit more fiddly and I tend to find that its often ok up to around 2:1 and then after that ettl can be a bit hit and miss so I tend to shift into manual - since the flash is so dominant once I find the needed amount its quite fixed - but I have to keep the flash distance the same since if that starts to change it makes for a big effect on the lighting.

The other trick is to play around with preflash metering - that little * button on the camera back - hit it and the flash will preflash and meter its output based on the exposure data gathered at the middle AF point. You can use that to balance the flash output against (say) a hotspot in the scene. The output however only remains fixed for that shot (or a burst of shots) and quickly resets back to regular ettl after that.

I think the canon 1.4TC does not work with the original 100mm macro lens but I'm not sure which others would fit that lens. The Kenko pro range would probably fit without fuss and they are good - sigma are also very good and it might fit, but I've no idea.


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