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Nov 21, 2011
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Just purchased the EF100mm Macro 2.8 L IS USM :)

Just playing with the lens for a day I realize it's gonna take some time to get the hang of shooting small.
The DOF is amazing! Thought I'd share a few shots from the first day.
Any comments or advice for a Macro Newbie is appreciated :)

100mm-0213 by mtw2118, on Flickr

MacroTest-7 by mtw2118, on Flickr

MacroTest-11 by mtw2118, on Flickr
Nice first shots. I really like that last one.
Thanks Nate :)
The last one has a nice glow.

Since I got my first macro I have been always amazed how difficult it is to compose a good macro shot.
I have always performed some creative cropping ... and not every looks good really really close up.
Thanks for the replies :)
Really loving this lens the bokeh is awesome and the focus is dead on with the 5D, haven't put it on my T2i yet, don't really see a reason too lol.

Couple more shots .... handheld.

july2013-017 by mtw2118, on Flickr

july2013-018 by mtw2118, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!
I like the first in the series though the blur is actually a kittle sore on the eyes
No3 is really great, my fav

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