Man and Beast C&C

Eyes look nice and sharp, it's what we call in tha UK as a status dog gangs use them as weapons, the dog homes are full of them most get put down
Yeah the guy on the right is some hobo. The owner of the dog went into the deli, he was a scary thug lol
Would like to see the hobo in focus a little more. Good looking pit. Best dogs in the world! Not a beast
yeah, not a beast. i meant beast as in not human lol
The 2 subjects are at roughly the same level. Next time, try the shot from their level.
That really bright, blown-out patch in the ULC needs to be cropped is detracting immensely from the dog-man interaction.
thanks. one thing i wish was that the man was at the same distance as the dog. the focal point was the dog, who was a foot farther away than the man. as a result, the man is slightly out of focus. o well

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