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It is embedded in my original thread on the test portrait settings I had with my daughter but you don't seem to be finding it there any more, so I put it up again on its own --- now despite the obvious mistake that happened (did not observe my settings and took this expression - which I quite liked! - and took this at 1/200 f5.6 with the kit lens at 55mm at ISO 200, when 1/50 would have been the required time), how does it work to your mind? After the repair work done?


There's one window to her right, and she's looking there, and there, and one window right behind me. No reflectors used here.

(And I know that actually "my" starts with an "m" ... don't know how I could bring out that typo in the double frame but was too lazy to correct it later! :roll: ) :D
Did you shoot in raw? Your best bet would be to lighten the entire image. The way you have it now, your lighting is not even across her face. If you shot in raw, I would increase the exposure in the raw file. You will add some noise, but you can easily get rid of that with Neat Image or something similar.
No :(

Well. OK. This is the next step at long last: I will learn to shoot in RAW and to then process the pictures! This settles it now.

For this was shot in jpeg ...
It doesn't have to be in RAW, but it helps. I did mention on the other thread that I would get the light right on the whole image before playing with specific areas. Or at least over the entire subject. The background isn't that attractive so leaving it dark is probably a good idea. With her ear, neck, etc. in shadow, it looks a bit like a flashlight is on her face. Playing around with Photoshop can be a good exercise for learning or to recover a lost oportunity, but since it's your daughter and she's arround, I think the best bet is to get a good light set-up and exposure first.

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