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Jun 19, 2010
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Any suggestions on where to buy cheap frames and matting products?
ive had decent luck on

they always have some nice **** in the clearance section.
Go to art and craft store and look at frames and mats they have. Make your photos fit the frames. Dont do it the other way around because that is when it gets expensive.
Cheap mat and other framing materials significantly shorten the life of a print.

Mount and mat materials absorb contaminants from the air becoming more, and more acidic (acid), and begin degrading the print.

The best materials are lignin and acid free to start with. Even the best materials need to be replaced periodically to ensure the life of the print, unless print lifetime is not a concern.

Even archival, museum quality, lignin and acid-free mat and mountboard is inexpensive. has the best prices on frames that I've found. I'm partial to their Nielson style metal frames personally.

For glass and mats I go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels when they're on sale and then cut it myself. I can do a 16x20 for about $12 or so.

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