Maybe I'll Start Playing the Lottery


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Oct 4, 2011
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The Beautiful Hills of East Tennessee
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Not because I think my luck has turned...but because of these.
The one thing in that article that really gets me, though, is how nonchalantly they mention "while other states have introduced bacon-scented games..." WHAT?!?! I've been missing out on the smell of bacon because I don't buy lottery tickets???

Okay, granted for a buck or two more than the lottery ticket, I could just go buy a package of bacon; then I get to smell my bacon and eat it too--not THAT is a win worth the price of the ticket!

On the other hand, the BBQ ones are more enticing, because I'm not really that likely to do my own BBQ. It's so messy that I hardly ever actually eat, so I could just buy a ticket and smell it.

I'll pass -- we prefer Memphis BBQ to Carolina BBQ
Ohhhhhhhh, it comes.....
Welp, Kansas City BBQ here, biased because I was born in Misery.
Jack! Buddy! We're like once upon a time almost neighbors! I've been in Missouri more than once.
Yuppers. Born and raised in Kansas City, but in So Cali most of my life. Stepdad was in the Marine Corps - I grew up on Camp Pendleton.
I wonder is there a scent called "I'll give you 10 grand if my ticket wins the jackpot"
How about bacon-scented lenses? Or at least memory cards?

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