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Jul 22, 2009
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Hello everyone,

A coupe months ago I bought the MB-D80 battery grip for my D90. Before I started using it , I charged both of the battery. Once both battery were charged I put them in my MB-D80. I started using D90 and everything was working fine in till after 30 min of use a message came up and it said that I need to charge the battery b/c it's about to die. So I decided to take off the MB-D80 and once I turn it on the battery icon was showing that the battery was fully charged. So each time I use the MB-D80 the battery lose charge quickly so I stopped using it. Is there anything I can do in the D90 setting that would fix this problem or do I have a defective MB-D80?

I'm thinking this one might be because your d12 setting (Custom Menu Setting - d12 - MB-D80 Battery Type setting) might be set incorrectly. On my D90 it's defaulting to Alkaline (AA). It gives you four options, try changing that to whatever it needs to be and plug in that grip again.
Thanks you very much, hope this fix the problem.

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