Me and my wife and I

thats gonna be some threesome ;)
She looks SCARED! One of you may well be ok for her, but TWO!?!?!?!? ;) ;) ;)
You should do another one with a " good guy, bad guy
" sort of thing.
Anyone ever tell you that you look like Pete Sampras?
Nice... I am soooooo stealing this idea... Not kidding... Getting my camera out now!... ... ... ... ... .. . "Honey!..."
Any way you could shed some light on how that is done? Second image of just you on the other side of sofa, selected, cropped, and paste into first shot? or what? If you don't mind disclosing. I saw someone else posted something similar on here with a girl in the same shot like 8 times or something, but I can't find that thread for the life of me now. How is this done?

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