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    Ok, so I've been using a Canon Canoscan 8600 to scan my medium format photos lately and I've been pretty disappointed overall. The plastic trays it comes with don't keep the film flat, the dynamic range is really narrow and I always have blown out highlights and low detail in the shadows. (it also adds a very strong magenta color cast to the scans EVERY time) Then I look at slides and there is so much more shadow detail and very little areas that are blown out. Here's and example where it looks perfect on the slide, but the scanner screws it completely:

    I've really been wanting a dedicated film scanner lately and I'm ready to fork up the money to buy one. So my question is which one should I get? I'd like it to be able to scan magazine quality pictures as I am frequently having photos published in magazines and I'm tired of having to send them the negative or slide because most of the time it never gets sent back and I lose it forever. Also, are there any dedicated scanners that have glass mounts or something for the film to keep it flat and also make it so I can scan the borders too?


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