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Dec 31, 2009
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Went north today ( in Maine) to shoot some brooks, and then bam! drove right by two moose just walking along the side of the road. I turned the car around and whipped out my camera (Which had my 50 1.8 PRIME lens on it... GRRR!!) So I didn't get anything for good shots, especially being that my camera settings were way off at first, but I just wanted to post the pic for those of you who want to see a moose!


And I'll also throw in an HDR of a RR bridge I took today just because it isn't good enough for it's own thread and it was like a 2 minute edit :p plus the crop I put on it didn't save so it looks like something a five yar old would take with their P&S. hahah. Oh the joys of 500 mg caffeine at 3 AM

thanks. I'm thinking once I get photoshop loaded to my new computer I'll touch up that hdr, get rid of those shadows in the right hand corner, and clone over those trees coming from either side. Kind of patting myself on the back here but I think the shot has some potential as a keeper :p
Not loading? If you'd like I'll downsize the moose picture and put it on shutterfly so you can see it -- The file is pretty big right now..

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