More Americana - County Beekeepers Exhibit and Demonstration


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Dec 11, 2006
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Something about these looks odd to me. The first one has sort of an HDR look to it (possibly from over-sharpening in post), but the tones seem flat. As well I feel like there is too much grain in these shots. I like the second shot, but the tones also seem a bit flat to me.
Another classic Americana. I like the first one because of the 3 generations represented. And maybe suggesting a passing on of a tradition or trade.
I love the look, especially the first one. It has a real Norman Rockwell feel to it that makes it very warming.
I agree with dan it looks crinkly from noise or over sharpening and maybe can use a bump in contrast.Sorry. Other then that the first shot works for me with the thread title.
I like the second one a lot. Well framed, and the reflection really makes it work, but there is something really odd about the back of the kid's head and the man's shoulder.
yes, that's the problem with loving one's own pictures.
It's too easy to gloss over things that might annoy others.

But, they are what they are.:sillysmi:
Well it looks like you smoothed it out because it looks much much better No more goose bumps.

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