Most dangerous shots ever!


hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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Yep I risked life and limb for these shots!


f11, 1/200, ISO 100
Taken with Canon 400D and MPE 65mm macro


f7.1, 1/200, ISO 100
Taken with Canon 400D and MPE 65mm macro

Well ok maybe not quite life and limb; the hornet was sitting on the side of the door frame on a damp cool morning. In fact rather like a bee hornets really do appear very sluggish in the mornings, apt to move in jerky circles as they try to move around and warm up. I'm also not sure, but I think they can't disconnect their wing muscles from their wings to let them move them to help warm up (some bees do this and you can hear it, but I didn't hear this hornet making any sounds even as he moved around later).
Many thanks for the compliments guys! :)

awesome pictures. I have a wasps nest underneath my deck but Im too chicken to get near it.

Don't know if I'd go near a wasps nest (without some protection!) but if you've got a lot of wasps you can cut up some fruit and leave it out; they'll flock in and promptly get drunk on the juice. Then they are very docile and really don't mind you at all (though they will land on you and might be sluggish in taking off - just don't hit them and you should be fine)

How many pictures is the stack?

1 - these are both single shots - I did try a stack but my angle was a bit wrong and I'm a little out of practice with handheld stacks.
Nice! Reminds me of that movie.. District 9
Oh no, I agree with you 100%. you DEFINITELY risked life and limb!!!!! Aside from that, the pix are awesome! C-R-E-E-P-Y, but awesome!
With a 65mm you must have been very close. Very nice shots. Excellent composition. The background colors compliment the subject very well. I love #1 - you can see how narrow the DOF is and yet you nailed the focus on the eyes and antennae without focus stacking.

Nice work!
The first shot is absolutely stupendous man!!! NICE shot! Gorgeous lighting, a nice angle on the bug, and overall just a good,interesting, well-framed "look" at him.
Ya, great detail, color and contrast in that first shot. Well captured sir. :thumbup:

What is this hornet thinking????????????????????

Really amazing photo, nice capture...would have been better if you were telling us this from your hospital bed know, keeping in theme with the title. :mrgreen:

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