Mountain Goat


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Jul 10, 2010
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Lakeside, MT
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Shot with 70-200 L @200 and 100% crop.

Neat rock. What's that white thing on it? :lol:

(There is a bit too much of the rock to appreciate the goat, but the goat IS very cool.)
great shot makes you you stop and think just how sure footed he is to walk around where hes at
Nice photo. Why are you calling this a 100% crop?
The goat was up on the side of the mountain and I shot from the highway, I cropped it to this size 100% of original it was shot with 70-200 L @200mm
More than an animal shot, it is a rock-scape shot; wonderful pattern

At the same time the goat also looks impressive and suggests its minuteness in the vastness of the mountains

So good either way

Regards :)
Mountain goat known as the Rocky Mountain goat, a large hoofed mammal found only in North America. Order Artiodactyla Family Bovidae that deer and mountain goats, gazelles, and even-toed ungulate animals are involved is one.

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