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Dec 26, 2007
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(aura) is a conceptual album brought to existence by the Portuguese composer and musician André Fernandes. After discovering the fantastic photographic work of his young country-man José Ramos, André felt inspired and decided to confront the photographer with the idea of creating a film-like soundtrack to an imaginary story, written in non-linguistic characters but with the multiple feelings and impulses coming from the emotional photographical compositions.

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Ten pictures were chosen and organized chronologically and the soundtrack was written and recorded exploring some of the possibilities, soundscapes and telepathic storylines one can get lost in while soul-diving into the ten unexplored (yet inter-connected) unveiled worlds. The intent is neither to give final coordinates neither to draw precise maps to this sensitive journey but to let each one explore this place of infinity lead by the firstborn root, the object of creation itself, the gateway to each individual trip: (just) music and image and the all left yet to be.

The guideline of this musical conspiracy was the commitment to true spiritual and artistic freedom, to float within the soul of the images. That's why you'll find references and incursions through such (apparently) antagonic musical forms; from electronically designed ethereal pads and atmospheres to raw distorted amplifications, classical orchestrations, post-rock structures and isolated hallucinations - all with a conscientious experimental foundation. The amplitude of emotional guiding principles will knock all barriers down and create an universe of pluralism and infinite ways.

Feel free to leave your comments both in this forum and in our guetbook. Your opinnion is more than welcomed.

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