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Nov 26, 2011
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Boardman, Oregon
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This image is my very first HDR. I used 7 different images to create this one. It is a gazebo along the Columbia River where i live. What do you think?

Personally, I think you nailed it. Love the colors, and textures of the rocks and the water/reflections,
Thanks. HDR is something I've been wanting to try for awhile. It just gives your images a very unique look, and allows for many creative editing options.
Sorry man I don't agree this time with Joel_W. HDR is supposed to bring out more detail. This image looks like you could have captured the same with one exposure. I think you have lost colors due to incorrect processing or exposures. If you are using photomatix you might want to select the water area using the ghosting tool and select the best image to use. It looks a little textured and ghost. Over all the image has a lot of dark tones that I feel could have been more mid tones and brought out much more detail.

I played with the image and tried to bring out more detail and take some dark out. There was megenta in the tree branches that I was able to remove..




Keep in mind I am a big fan on processing and adding more color when needed to images regardless if its artificial or not..
awesome for a first try! I've just started to use HDR processing but i have nothing comparable to this! the pebbles in the foreground really make the picture, nice one. :)
If it looks good to you, that's what counts.

To me as a discriminating viewer this particular image processing is not pleasing in the least.
Although I do not use HDR, I do like and appreciate tastefully done HDR images.
The original intent of HDR software was to bring out tones and features that would otherwise not be balanced. Not to eliminate what appears naturally.

You have a good composition here, nice flow and features and for that you did a good job.
A natural light image needs shadows and highlights to convey emotion. Processing like this does not do justice.

Additional: A good HDR image based on the original intent, one would have a hard time telling that HDR was used.
Thanks for your opinions everybody. Advice is always appreciated. I was trying to create more of an abstract image with this one. I just like the fact that this can be accomplished with HDR.
I will also try some other edits and see how they come out. Thanks again.
I really like it. Maybe a tad dark but it looks good
This isn't bad for a first attempt. I'm betting you have the shots required to make this a pretty decent image, but your tone mapping efforts have fallen a little short. The darker areas are too dark with not enough details. As you can see by the comparison with VIPS efforts your image is pretty flat -- signs of HDR. If you take your hi res HDR image and in Photoshop increase your exposure by 1/2 to 3/4 fstop then increase your Gamma Correction I'm sure you're result will be more natural and at the same time more detailed. Just like we see with our eye. I tried it with the lo res but it didnt work. The rocks for example are too contrasty black too black and lighter areas too white. Also there is a weird magenta banding in the sky.
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