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Feb 16, 2009
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Hi there everyone, i have just got a new sony cybershot camera and just wanted some critique on some of my photos that i have taken.



I think on the last shot my focus needs to be more on the leaves, and a better focal point is needed, as is on the 2nd shot.
I like them, they are interesting. i have a really hard time taking pics of fish. The second one is my favorite, is that a bunch of water pouring down the steps?

as for the last, it is an interesting angle, I don't think it lacks content, but you're probably right that it could have been focused on the leaves. It is also a little too saturated for my tastes, the green doesn't look natural.
they second 2 are way over saturated and the stairs look cartoony. The fish is kinda dull content, but would make a good science book picture. I would also say your focus on the last one should have been the leaves and not the grass. sorry to keep jumping around, but with the stairs, if you go for a high f stop and a long shutter speed with your camera on a tripod you could get a pretty cool silky effect.
thanks for the comments guys,

godmode21: I was trying to focus on the leaves and in fact i was in focus, but i took it using the hdr technique, and on a 10cm tripod in mud so was a bit unsturdy, therefore blurring the leaves slightly. With the stairs i took a series of pictures (its an overflow from a reservoir near me, so i was on a bridge at the time) and merged them together, as its only a cheap point and shoot camera i cant change shutter speeds or F values unfourtunately, im just trying to make the best of what ive got to be honest.

Eldrich: the moss really was that green! its amazing coloured stuff compared to other mosses. I took over 1000 pics to get that one fish one lol

i need a proper tripod lol

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