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Jan 8, 2012
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Hello! I have been lurking a while and finally decided to post. I recently purchased my first prime lens... Nikkor 35mm 1.8, my camera is a Nikon D5100.

Below are photos of my cat Hatteras and dog Lanie. (my furbabies. :) Please be brutaly honest, as I'm still learning!

Hope these post correctly, Thanks!





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Here's the way that I was shown to post your pictures from Flickr.
go to your photostream page
left click on the pictures you want to post one at a time
above the picture you will see share, left click it, a box will open up
make sure that at the bottom of the box, you have clicked the BBcode option
inside the box is the direct link to your photo.
left click it to highlight
then right click and copy.
paste the link right into the thread. It will show up as a picture when you click the post Quick Reply button.
Joel - Thanks! I didn't click the BBcode option at first. I'll post the other three now.

Tenacious - Too funny! And thanks! I'm by no means a pro either! :)
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Pictures 1&3 are the best of the lot. Nice pleasing soft backgrounds. Pic 2 the background is to busy and thus detracts from the photograph as a whole. Picture 4 Has to much direct light from the flash. Can you bounce your flash? if not diffuse it with a tissue and or if you have in camera flash adjustment use that as well. The green in the background kills the softness of the background. A closer crop would really help. And the low to high angle doesn't work for me. Try to be at the same level as your dog. Who btw, is really cute.
Joel - Thanks! I didn't use flash on any of the photos... Lanie was looking out the window, so that's just the natural light coming through from the window. She's rarely that calm, so I took advantage of her being fixed on something outside! Thanks for the tips, I appreciate them!
I like #1 the best as well. #3 is good, but appears to be just a hair over exposed. I wish my dog would pose for me like your cat does!!
Can I bump this? Was hoping for a few more replies. Maybe I should have put "C&C" in the subject. Sorry! :)
Go right ahead. I don't recall seeing anything against bumping up a thread.

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