My latest pictures from India

very nice. I always enjoy your work.
Number 1 and 2 are my favs but they're all so good. Great work!
6 is fantastic, and I love 7 great juxtaposition very unusual.
Great job! They are all really well composed photographs.
I love #2...the bright red color behind the man is perfect.
The motion blurring of the birds on #9 is also very well done. It really works in that shot.
Fantastic stuff !!!! Captures india very well too.
Thanks for sharing.
Great stuff. I love all of these. The lighting and compositions make it seem like they're from a magazine. 1 and 9 are my favorites.

Since they're all square, i'm guessing you're using a medium format camera?
Thank you everyone, I am pleased to see you like ;)

bhop, Yes I use a Medium format camera, Hasselblad 500 c/M+ Lens 50 mm, it s just great and same price that a 400 D+good lense, but the pleasure I have is 100 times biger

some very nice ones :) I especially like number 2 and 9 .
1, 6, 8 & 9 are really working for me. Some of the others I'm find the main subject placed uncomfortably central for my tastes. All very well observed though.
Chris, you are right for portait I kept the subject central. For square picture I think it s not a pb , but I can understand you find it too basic in terms of composition.

ALex: Thanks

Really like the pics. :)
1,2, and 4 are my favorites, except I dont really like the bridge on 4. If it was just the guy with nothing around him I think it would be a more powerful shot. But still great work. :thumbup:

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