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My new website

Digital Matt

alter ego: Analog Matt
Jan 30, 2004
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Santa Barbara, CA
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Hey everyone. I've been working on re-designing my website for a while now, in secret. I've been trying to weed through all my images, and select the best from each category. Now I've got the layout all finished and the pictures in. I've done all the flash and graphic design myself, (except for simple viewer that is, but I had to tweak it)

I'd love to hear your opinions :) The only things I have left to change are the order of the pics, and possibly breaking down the people section into sub-categories of musicians, portraits, and fashion.

Let me know what you think! :)

btw, http://www.mattperko.com

...and I think I should put a preloader on it also. Hrm, gotta remember how to do that :p
matt its great - awesome selection of photos too! I've bookmarked your site a while back have been looking forward to this update and I am not disapointed at all! :thumbup: Are you selling any prints?
Thanks Mark. Yes, I'm selling prints, but I'm not really set up to do it through my site yet. I have a print gallery at deviantart.


I'm going to make a few changes to my mattperko.com site, and eventually have a link to buy prints, and probably do it through paypal.

Thanks for checkin it out, and given me feedback. I really appreciate it :)
Hi Matt,

Your photography is amazing and I'm always in awe of your work. The images I can see here are shockingly good :hail:

As far as feedback on the site is concerned I feel the pics are a little too small, I'd love to see them a bit bigger. I feel being so small it take something away from them, which is a shame. Also there are no references to the images. If someone wanted to use one for commercial purposes with the offer of a load of cash or buy a print there is no way to reference an individual image.

Keep up the good work.


Clean and simple! :)

You might want to consider a button for 'Home'.
Edit: I've just read this, that'll teach me to read the whole thread [insert rolly eyed smilie here]

Digital Matt said:
... and eventually have a link to buy prints, and probably do it through paypal.
Thanks Mohain. Good point about referencing the images. I need to put titles, and small captions. I'll be working on that soon. As for the size, I want it to fit comfortably in any resolution, and I've noticed lots of other sites, (including the author of the book I'm reading), where images are about 370 high. Mine are 300 high, and I was having trouble with the flash, and having enough room to have them bigger. I'll see what I can do. I'd like to have them at 400 high, but then the flash viewer won't fit into my 520px high web space (to try and fit in 800x600).

I'll see what I can do. I'll be ironing out kinks all week I'm sure :)
Thanks Dan, that's another good point. I worked on this for about 8 hours yesterday :p I knew there was something I forgot :p
I think its very nice..... fairly clean and simple, which i like for image based sites........ I think the image selection is good and varied (although i liked the dead fish one and the buttterfly ;) )...... and the presentation of them is good....... so after you've arranged the order, its a good job i think.
Thanks Archangel :) For anyone following this mis-adventure, I split the people section into 3 sub sections, and made a pop-up menu for it. Still trying to figure out how to make this submenu in the html now. Hrm.....

Oh and added a home button. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

I'm working on a title and caption for each image.
I agree with danalec99. Clean and simple!
All image is great!!!i love it all.
i from china.my english is poor.sorry~^^
Thank you Philip. I checked out your website, and I found your photography to be excellent, and I like the simple layout of the site. My only critique would be to make the flash run a bit faster. Increase the framerate.

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