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Dec 22, 2007
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South Florida
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Hey everyone, I am an ultra-newbie here (and with serious photography). I just got my hands on a Digital Rebel XT and a 17-85mm lens.

Here are some pictures I snapped of my car and my hometown a while back with a 5MP Sony point and shoot playing with the time exposure. I worked it exensively in photoshop.

I am really looking forward to working with my DSLR. Any tips, criticism welcomed.

ohhh my "realistic" dream car, nice M3, and welcome to the forums.

first shot is awesome btw, looks crooked though. how much editing did you do to it?
Great pics!
I really like the first picture...awsome,clear and crisp and that

The lighting is actually street lights...In photoshop the warm orange/yellow light was corrected ..the levels, contrast and color balance was played with...also a tiny bit of the white curve.. A friend also helped me by editing these a bit.

That car has been sold now I need to find a new subject that captures my interest.
Actually, I swapped it for a new 335i coupe. Wanted the RS4 but too much $$$.... Will post more pics soon.

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