Natures Recliner


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Jul 12, 2008
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it comes equipped with a footstool too,, and OHH what a view,,:mrgreen: cant you just picture an old Spanish Conquistador reclining here with his six pack of rum from the ship as he watches some shipmates toss around a few coconuts for his Sunday entertainment :lol: Pre NFL day entertainment :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Nice pic! I like it a lot, great shapes in the rocks, and I like the color,

(6 pack of rum?!)
Thanks guys,, yes I was making a refernce to a six pack of beer, I do believe they had beer back then but I seem to associate Rum with those guys for some reason :mrgreen: But a barrel of rum will do just fine too :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Wow, great shot! But I think Polymoog and Eldrich were implying that at the time, there were no "six packs", they would of had barrels. Keep up the good work!
I have a feeling jaharris knows there were no six packs ;)

Unless he also thinks there was an NFL as well...

Back on topic, the sharpenss and colors are excellent! It hit that point of elevating itself above reality, without looking fake. What sort of processing was done on this to bring out the colors like that?
Thanks again guys for the comments,, yes,, I'm aware there was no six packs back then :lol: I was just making a comparison with todays man,,:mrgreen:
Clarinet, to get started I used Topaz Adjust software then finished in photoshop with some tweaking :mrgreen:
Spacenut, this was taken of the East Coast of Central Florida at a beach called Flagler Beach :mrgreen:
Thanks again for looking and commenting
excellent photo! i would have found it much sooner in the landscape forum, i love the colours!

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