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May 14, 2007
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Below are some photos I have taken over the past several months with my digital camera. I have discovered I really like photography, and want to do whatever I can to improve my photos.

Does anyone have any tips for making my photos better? Which, in your opinion, are the best?


This is one of my personal favorites.


I took this sunset picture quite a long time ago.

This is the same sunset as above, but taken from further away.


I used the selective colors adjust colors adjustment feature in Photoshop CS2 to make the greens stand out a little more.


A spooky alley.
It is probably just a browser issue (tends to darken), but I thought this first one could enjoy a selective levels adjustment. What do you think?

The second shot has fantastic layering of cloud sets and atmosphere, but the roof and vents kinda spoil the shot for me.

Keep on shooting!

-Shea :)
Although sunset/sunray pics look good, I think all those types of pictures have become cliche, but what I've done to a couple I took to make them look different and stand out a bit more was turn up the contrast a lot in photoshop, I just think it looks cool. ;)

The leaves just looks like a snapshot of a bush to tell you the truth, try taking it from a different angle, for example heres one I took a really really long time ago, just to show you what I mean by different angles:

I think the last one could be better if it had more of a subject in it, like if there was a person in the picture.
#1 is very interesting and ls3d's edit helps bring out some of the shadow detail in the grass. however the clouds seem really noisy, was this shot at a high ISO?

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