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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by molested_cow, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Ok, it's confirmed that I am going to Boston for this summer for an internship, so I need to look for an affordable housing( which I know is hard around Boston) and other things like parking and stuffs..... and nevertheless, good places to take pictures.

    Well, I will find out good photo sites myself later, but does anyone has any information on housing around West Newton or nearby areas? Anyone subletting? Anyone who knows anyone subletting at all?

    I'll be there between Mid May to early Sept... that's actually a little longer than I am anticipating. Any help?

    BTW I am male, 23, non-smoker, quiet, seldom touch alcohol and...... single. I love dogs and cats love me. Hmm... this is beginning to sound like something else...

    Anyways, please let me know if you got any lead...
    Or drop a line if you wish to spam too. Thanks!

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    Depends on what you mean by affordable. Studio apartments run $750+ pretty much anywhere you can get to by the public transport. In Boston proper you can double that. If your bringing a car you can drop to around $600. Cheaper than that is extremely rare.

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