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Nov 15, 2007
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Ok so a month ago my grandmother talked to a lady that she sortof knew. She wanted to get a family picture done. The lady clamed to be a photogropher. SO we go and take alot of pictures. Unfortunetly i was very hung over and just wanted to go home so i didnt pick up an all the things she was doing wrong. The only thing i looked at was her 10 grand worth of equipment. Well my grandmother got the pictures back and out of 300 photos this is the best one. All the photos are horible. So i told my grandmother i would try and see what i could do about fixing up this one photo for her so she could you it on a christmas card. I later found out that the lady told my grandmother that photogrophy was a hobby of hers and she wasnt charging. i could have used a trypod and a used a remote time and got alot beter pictures then this lady did.

Here is the picture that we thought was the best. The problems i see that i need to fix are.

1. all the light and dark spots of the shirts and faces
2. grandmas teeth look a little funny
3. The worst i think is the halos on everyones heads

If you can either give me advise on what to do to fix the photo or maybe fix some of them for me. my grandmother wants to have it by tomarow so she can get teh cards printed and then sent out. Problem being i have to work from 5pm to 3am tontie so i hope i can get it done when i get back from work.

Any help would be great

if anyone thats wants to try and touch somthign up for me and needs a hi res pic i can send it while im at work probaly. just give me a email or something. My grandma would be very apreciative.
I think the photographer did not too bad a job considering the shot was taken at what? noon the sun was way too harsh hence the reason for the blown-out highlights where you do see it but all in all it is not too bad especialy since you said she did for free right.
Seems she coulda underexposed and used a bit of fill flash...
But then again...she shouldn't have placed the people like that...The sun is right behind them...
Not sure this is much better but a quick trip to PS's shadow & highlight got this:

These are the settings I used:


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