Need help with night photogrpahy


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Feb 2, 2012
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las vegas
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I'm going to New York this weekend for a c-teen event(Jewish organization). And we are going on a yacht on Saturday night. It's taking us around the city. I want to take photo of the city. But i have no clue how to do that at night. I have a canon t3 and canon 40D, with a 70mm lens. Can u guys help me? What setting should i use? Should i use a flash? I don't know flash that well, but i can give it a try.
A night shot of a city from a boat that's moving. I'm no expert but I bet that's gonna be real hard to do.
Thanks that help a lot! And i know its a bad idea. but that the only time i will be able to get a shot of the city.
You need a tripod to do night photography. Infinite makes a good point about the moving boat. Even the slight bit of motion could mess up shots. This would mean that you would have to try shooting with a wide aperture and short shutter speed to get anything decent after the sun goes down.

Now on land this would be pretty simple. Set up on tripod. Set the camera to f8 - f16. ISO 100. Shutter speed around 10 - 30 seconds. As the aperture gets smaller extend the shutter speed.
Flash won't help.
Boat is moving...that won't help.
Shoot one stop above wide open and as high an iso as you need to get a proper exposure. Make sure you take it as bright as you can even if you have to crank the iso....don't take it dark and then increase exposure in post that makes the noise worse.
Thank you guys, i will try it on the boat and see what happens. ill post the picture when i get back home.

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