Need some advice from the pros on which camera to buy....


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Jan 12, 2012
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Hi folks, I'm David, just joined the site after reading a few topics here. Looks like this is the best place for me to get some answers.:thumbup:

I work for an automotive marketing company and one of the aspects of my job is photographing cars for dealership websites and advertising sites like the AutoTrader. While a handful of our dealership clientele have indoor staging areas, most do not, and that means the photos must be taken outside on the lot, on sunny days or cloudy days, and at varying times of the day itself.

Since my old 8mp Canon PowerShot finally died after three years of daily abuse, I've struggled to find a decent point-and-click camera to replace it. I've been through three Canon models, hoping they would live up to the first one I had, and each new one seems to get progressively worse in both the quality of the camera itself and the amount of control it gives the user to change settings. For instance, the SX130 IS I currently have, does not allow you to turn off the "auto rotate" feature. I had learned to live with that but getting lent inside the lens after a couple days use, and now the gyroscope inside the camera going out entirely, have forced me into shopping for a replacement.

So I have been looking and comparing features of Sony and Nikon models mostly, and haven't decided on anything. The Nikon L110 and L120 looked ideal but reading reviews on several sites, I found a lot of complaints about blurry images especially in low lighting. That's a no go for me. I considered several Sony's, the best of which seemed to be the DSC-HX9v, but it's out of stock everywhere, and even refurbished, it's pricey.

I need something that can be easily carried in a pocket (think a pocket like you have in cargo pants or shorts), has an automatic setting that will allow for good image quality on sunny or cloudy days or the occasional indoor shot of a parked car without having to constantly switch settings, a good macro function for close-ups of switches and dials inside a car, the ability to turn off completely any auto-rotation of the images, as low of a reset time for the flash as possible.......and that's about it. I can spend as much as $300, but would prefer less of course.

I may have confused the issue by reading too many reviews, I know opinions are like....ya know....and everyone has them. :lol: So what say the experts?

Thanks in advance!
Canon G11 is the right one for you!

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Thanks for the replies! Those are two I had not yet even considered so I will start doing some research.
Well on the surface both of those look to be out of my price range, but the Canon G11 seems to be compact and simple; the Panasonic is way too bulky for what I use at work -- however might be a fun camera to own for personal use. I am still looking, right now I see a TON of G11's for sale USED at half their original price which concerns me a bit, especially given the issues I had with my Canons as of late (I kinda swore off them, honestly).....
You are seeing all the used Canon G11s because the new Canon Gx is coming out, which should be a big advance over the G11.

With it's low light abilities with the new larger sensor it would be a good camera for your auto projects, now it just needs to be available in stores.

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