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Mar 12, 2009
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My wife and I have been taking a pictures for a while but have had to start a website to shorten proofing time and what not. I just wanted some no bias feedback on the website, and just our photography in general. Any advice would be great. We havn't been doing this long, so we know we still have a lot to learn, and we would love to learn it here! thanks!

-jacobs photographers-
and maybe next time try posting it in the website section. And Welcome :D. Looks nice but I agree on the music
Thanks! The music is easily removable so I may take your advice. I guess if its your type of music, or dont really care for music on websites it might ruin the feel of the photos. Also thanks for the welcome and the directions, i will try to be more careful with posting from now on!
Personally I could do without the music. The rest of it is pretty nice.
the music is not bad it would just be nice if there was a button to turn the music on/off
The music is fine but the song might not be the best one for everyone. You can't please them all. But I like music on photo sites. It runs well and is a pretty simple layout. Could it be better? Yeah but its great start.
Me personally, I do not like galleries that you have to view through every image. I like to see a little thumbnail preview list on the side so I can pick and choose an image to view.

I'm in the group that hates music on a website. Too many times I am jumping on the computer after the kids are in bed and they left the sound blasting from playing their games. So, even having a way of turning it off doesn't work. By then it's too late and the whole house is woken up.
I actually closed the site because of the music. I think that when someone is visiting a site that "ambient" music is more of a distraction or annoyance than anything (I used to be a professional Web developer by the way). To be honest, I don't think continuous playing music has any business being on any site other than a site devoted to music.

Lots of people, myself included, already have music playing, or just don't want the added distraction.
It's actually proven that flash deters viewers, as it's slow. And if they don't have Flash... Music especially is really annoying, I have to say.

Have a look here.

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