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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by bozo, Feb 12, 2005.

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    i got referred to this place by some one off another forum, heres what i origianlly posted.

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    Well, I'm not sure exactly what the price is on these, but the Canon Digital Rebel or Nikon D70 supposed to be good low-end DSLRs. They will likely offer auto modes for shooting without thinking much, but as I bet a lot of people will tell you around here, it is probably best to learn how meter and focus and adjust your shutter/aperture manually anyway. A manual camera with a built-in light meter is actually not that hard to use. Knowing what everything does will allow you to control every aspect of the shot and be more creative, getting the shot you want rather than the one the camera thinks is right. If you're looking for a point-and-shoot digital camera, then read reviews online of various ones and figure out what features you want, and what you can get for the right price. If you want something more advanced, like a DSLR, then your choices are limited pretty well since most of them go beyond your price range. But like I said, if you can find it for the right price, then a D70 or Digital Rebel should work very well. They will offer you great control over your shots, as long as you know how to set them right. Check out the Advice & Reviews section of this forum and see what people are reccomending there.

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