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Need Suggestions - Trying to build a studio for furniture photography e commerce


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Jun 19, 2021
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I'm new to this forum, so if this sounds amateurish I apologize.
I have a startup focused on furniture e-commerce based in Taiwan, and we are trying to set up a photography studio in our warehouse.
As a reference, we are trying to benchmark the photo qualities of other e-commerce platforms such as Burrow and Floyd, but obviously we are at a startup phase and would prefer to control the budget.
I would like to get some advice and suggestions on some of the key ingredients on how to achieve quality of photos as attached. I will also attach a sketch with specific dimensions of our warehouse space designated for the studio.
note - measuring metrics in the sketch are meters!
Good morning and welcome. First thing unless you own the copyright of a photo it is not permitted to post them, instead you should use a link.

If I were creating a permanent space for photographing furniture, I'd go with some variation of an Infinity Wall or Cyclorama. There are all types of free plans and instructions out there, just Google. Here's a simple one.


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