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Jul 21, 2015
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Saint Vincent and the Granadines
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Hey fellow photography enthusiasts! I finally was able to purchase a new lens for my Nikon d3200- A 50mm f1.8g prime! I'm pretty much excited to test is out. I was only left stranded with the kit lens for 2 months.
If you visit my photography pages though, you'll notice that the last picture I took was like 1 month ago :eek::eek::eek:
I'm currently in Montreal, Canada so I should be getting back on my feet. That Canadian tax killed me though, had to chalk up $265 CAD for it. Do you guys know any sick potential subjects for photographing around?
Word on the street is that Alex Trebeck's moustache has been spotted drinking wine at Cafe de Adversario, down on 72nd Avenue...cannot confirm nor deny the veracity of that rumour...`

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