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Jul 6, 2010
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N. California
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Nothing too spectacular here, but figured I'd post anyways, because there's always something to learn! Any comments would be appreciated.

These were shot with a 24" softbox, white reflector, using a large wooden warehouse door as a backdrop, which is lit separately, in one case with a blue gel on the flash. Let me know which color background you prefer, and if you have any specific critiques!


Camera/settings: D7000, 50mm, 1/125, f/2.8, ISO 200, TTL flash for key at +1 FEC, manual flash for background.


Apparently you prefer the second one also, judging by the avatar update. :lol: It does give a good contrast in color as opposed to the blue gel.

However, I think I prefer the lighting on the first. It is not as bright and giving nicer detail and color of the shirt. You can avoid the brightnes of the neck and chest as in #2 by attaching some additional difussion material to the bottom half of the Main's sotbox or simply changing the angle up slightly of the softbox so that it is not pointing so directly at your chest.

I would probably drop the suspenders too on such a tight shot.

Good self portraits. Thanks for sharing.
One thing I sometimes do for kicks is to use selective color, click on the background's color, and just start moving the sliders around, to see what interesting background colors I can create. I often do thbis when I shoot gelled backgrounds, since the strong colors the gels give make it easy for the software to just "lock on", and make pretty big global changes. And's the first shot, just monkeying around...




It's good to see you back around these parts!!!
Shot is clean, imo. . .. I am in agreeance, ditch the suspenders, no need for that in a corp style head shot.

lighting looks great, detail looks great.

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