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Dec 13, 2007
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Well, pretty soon, I'm going to get a nice camera from my father who is in Asia and we are also getting a brand new computer. I wanted a Photoshop program for my computer and I didn't know which one to use.

I've been looking for the best deals and have found many. I found a $50 Elements 6 but I was told it was no use at all to a photographer. I also found a $300 CS3 but I'm not at that level. But I would still like CS3! :D

A friend of mine reccomended the version that she had which is Photoshop 7 but that seemed expensive for an older version(atleast where I looked). I also keep on hearing it's really simple to use CS3 over all the rest. Is it really??

I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Lightroom and I really enjoyed it. The dust removal feature also helped me remove facial blemishes too! haha. I also like the before and after feature which helps a lot. My mom is a Real Estate agent and I suggested that I could help her with taking photos of homes and their interiors. She threw in that I could help with her busoness cards too if any of that helps with my choosing.

I'm kind of spontaneous with my photography. I take pictures randomly at any given time when I find a subject. Sometimes its a portrait, nature, anything.

Can I have any help?
Elements is just a stripped down version of CS2 or CS3, it depends on the version of Elements. If you want CS3, then get CS3 and learn all you can. You'll be kicking yourself if you find out there is something you really want to do that you can't because you bought Elements. Also, you'll be using the industry standard, and if you get really good at it others may ask you to post-process their work for them, meaning extra money in your pocket if you so wish.
I found a $50 Elements 6 but I was told it was no use at all to a photographer
Who ever told you that, was a moron. Elements is could be called 'Photoshop Lite - for Photographers'.

The full Photoshop program has more things than most any photographer might use. It's also a tool for graphic designers and digital artists etc.

I'd say that Elements would be fine. It is missing a few good features that Photoshop has, so if you can afford Photoshop, it might be worth the extra money.
Yeah, I didn't read the part about being of no use to photographers. I'd say Elements is probably more capable then lightroom...however lightroom just speeds up my workflow so much.
If you want to save money and have a program that does most of what Photoshop does, have a look at Paintshop Pro PhotoX2. I just upgraded to that version, and so far it looks pretty impressive.

For a measly $90, it's a LOT cheaper than Photoshop, Vista compatible, and I'm pretty sure it's capable of doing about 99% of what Photoshop can do. It also uses a lot less system resources and ram to run, and on my system, loads in about 2 seconds. I also think it's a bit easier to learn, and easier to use.

If you don't want to spend any money yet, there's always Gimp too.
GIMP 4.0 is free. I've never used it but I hear good things.
I'm very content with Elements; I spent the extra money on some very useful plugins. I currently own NIK Define 2.0 (noise reduction) and Genuine Factuals (really good sharpening is a bonus) and love both. The next purchase may be NIK Color Effects Pro or another filter type program.

Plus I believe that you can upgrade from Elements to full PS for a reduced price if you decide you want it at a later time.

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