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New to the forum, Close up/macro C&C


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Apr 12, 2009
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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum because Ive just started to get serious about my photography again. I'm currently trying to get into macro work and would love some input!
Thanks in advance.



all very nice, i love the DoF on #1

edit: welcome to the forum!
These are great! Get out of the beginner section! :)
Haha thanks guys, But I am a beginner!
I shot some in high school but nothing to significant.
And does anyone have any tips as to making these better?
Ooohhh! I love no. 1 and 3! The colors, focus, the subject etc are all very nice... u sure u are a beginner? If so, then you gonna be really great as a pro! :)

Anyway on no. 2, how did you make the background dark (please pardon my noobies Q, haha). It looked like you have some lights there... but only focus on the center...

Also, do you mind telling what lens and camera you use? :)
lens - camera - aperture - shutter speed - ISO - lighting - tripod?

all those things and more can really help when people come to give advice for your shooting - no sence in getting a long answer about tripods and custom settings if your using handheld point and shoot cameras now - not to say such cannot work, but the methods of operation are different.

As for your work I think you have a creative eye towards your photos - each of the 3 shots looks like you put some thought behind them before pressing the shutter and that you have likley carried this through into (as best as you feel you can) your editing of said shots as well.

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