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Jun 20, 2021
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Hi Guys, Just signed up to the forum today and looks like I found the film section :encouragement:

Long story short had a OM-40 back in the day and traveled around the world a lot with it, took some awesome photos and loved it (even if it was the least respected OM model!) Eventually settled and then digital came along which just eroded my interest in photography. I just did not find much fun wading through complex and countless fiddly on screen camera menus and then slowly killing my health sitting for hours at my computer all day in front of Lightroom/Photoshop twiddling - (I'm a techie so the last thing I want to do in my free time is stare at a screen some more - whether its on a camera or a computer!)

Anyway started researching the 'film revival' and whether its true or not it piqued my interest and having verified that I have a local print developers nabbed this fully manual bad boy in amazing condition and really looking forward to getting back in it, will post some shots here......if they turn out OK.


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