Newbie question: how to care for my lens, how often to clean, and with what?


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Feb 4, 2012
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I have a brand new 35X optical zoom Canon SX40 HS as of today, an upgrade from a smaller point-and-shoot that's always in my pocket.

I'll be taking most of my photos outdoors, in parks, around ponds, sometimes in windy conditions. I want to keep the lens as pristine as I can, right from the start. How should I care for my lens? Wipe it clean after each use? Each day's use? Or how often? And what should I use, what do you use to keep your lens clean? I'd love any recommendations. I'm already nervous about keeping it nice and clean as my previous camera got some dirt in the lens that can't cleaned.

This is my first post here, so thanks for reading.
Most stuff on a lens won't show up in a photo, unless you have bright light sources in or near the frame of the shot.

Care has to be taken when wiping a lens because dust particles are just very, very small rocks that will scratch the lens coatings.

So first blow off as much dust/debris as you can, usually by using a hand blower. Be sure and blow dust out of the filter threads too. Giottos AA1910 Medium Rocket Air Blaster (6.6)

, using a natural bristle brush, gently brush away as much remaining dust as you can. Don't forget the filter threads. I have 3 or 4 of these - Maybelline Face Brush, 1 brush: Beauty Face Brush, 1 brush

Most of the that is all you will need to do.

If anything didn't get blown/brushed away you will need to use a huff of breath (1st choice) or a liquid cleaner (last resort) - Purosol All Natural Lens Cleaner 4oz.

and disposable lens tissues - Tiffen Lens Cleaning Paper Tissue Pack Of 50 Sheets

Never, I repeat, NEVER spray lens cleaner directly onto the front of your lens. You don't want any of it seeping inside the lens. Instead spray some lens cleaner onto a sheet of lens tissue to dampen the tissue, but not soak it.
Gently, wipe the moist lens tissue on the lens. Be sure you also get the filter threads. If that didn't get all the gunk off, moisten another lens tissue, don't reuse the same one. Finish with a dry tissue.

If you use one of those lens pens you will shorten the life of the lens coatings considerably. In short, lens pens suck.
Great I just got a lens pen. How is that different than the brushes you mention?
I bought a Camera Lens cleaner kit and you know what it Came with a Nose cleaner for a baby lol the one the sucks there boogies out, Yep.. and some lens cleaning paper(soft,lintless paper specially for cleaning lens/filters even safe for coated lenses) Your best bet is to get some of them and a boogie sucker lol just blows dust off lens
Great I just got a lens pen. How is that different than the brushes you mention?
What is different and damaging is at the other end of the pen, not the brush, though cheap lens pens don't have natural bristle brushes.

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