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Feb 21, 2009
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I've just managed to pick up a Canon EOS-650 and a sigma 70-300 APO AF Lens for £43.50 on ebay, they work perfectly and I've already had some decent results.

I'm also looking at getting a shorter lens or two, watching a couple on ebay(again)

Can anybody recommend any decent film brands and also how do I choose my ISO??


Different film types have their own characteristics.

I used to find that Kodak amateur colour films tended to be warmer while Fuji films were green enhanced ... not to say that pictures will have distorted colour ... just that some colours are more enhanced.

Most of the time it is user preference.

The lower the speed/ISO/ASA of a film ... the finer the grain.
Finer grain film requires more exposure ... so that means that shutters speeds will be longer or apertures will be wider.

The film speed you use will depend on what you shoot and how you shoot it.

ie. shooting sports indoors hand held = higher speed film
ie. shooting landscape outdoors with tripod = lower speed film

There are many resources that will explain to you about film speeds.

I personally never shot film above 200 ISO. I preferred 100 or lower ISO ... either Fuji colour, slide, or Ilford and Agfa black+white film.
man, i used fuji color last year, and the pictures turned out very pale... i dont know if it was the printers or the film, but it turned out bad.. as an example, heres a pic of my wife and i (using fuji color) ... we are white... but NOT that white... and there was no flash used in this

Chris, that looks like poor printing.

The photofinisher did not do a good job on colour balancing the print ... or their chemistry is off.

That's an issue if you do not print your own negs.

You should complain to your photofinisher ... or find another one that actually cares about the print quality.

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