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Feb 5, 2012
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I purchased a Cannon Rebel XS not long ago and need a lot of advice on how to use it ....we went to Vegas last year and went to Red Rock canyon i was using the 18-55 mm lens that came with the Camera seems like most of the pictures were blurry and even when indoors they seem blurry also any input will be grateful.
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Unfortunately, you really don't give us much to go off of here, besides that it would seem from your post that you have little experience with a DSLR, or possibly any digital photography. The reasons for your photos coming out blurry could be one of an infinite list of reasons, so it would be best just to start at square one and get a basic understanding of how to use the camera. I don't have any especially good links to online pages (hopefully someone else will chime in with those), but I would say start by reading the manual at least once, twice or three times if you really want to get it all down. I personally also found the Magic Lantern DVD for my Canon T3i especially useful when it came to understanding all the mumbo jumbo. Anyways, as I said, start with the manual, learn the functions of your camera, and go from there.

P.S: Also, if you have questions about certain photos in particular, people on the forums often prefer that you post the images directly (no links) so they can visually see what the problem might be.

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