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Jul 18, 2013
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nunya, mass
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I am a beginner, trying to learn as much as I can any comments or critique would be greatly appreciated thank you
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really nice job starting out.

you have the beginnings of a very nice composition. i would have stepped a little bit to the right and pointed the camera a tiny bit more to the left. by stepping to the right you would have a little more of the plant in the foreground. you would also have the place where the water meets the rocky beach in the corner instead of near the corner. the rocky shoreline makes a wonderful S curve and leads you to the pavilion, which to me is the focus of the image. the S curve is also repeated by the railings and walkways, which is another great compositional element. by pointing the camera to the left you would give some ocean between the left frame and the land jutting towards the left in the background. you might have to do a little more adjusting to get the water in the foreground back in the corner after turning the camera left.

also, give some thought to shooting earlier or later in the day. the whole scene has a very harsh light. early morning light or evening light would give you a softer light and maybe some better color too.

did you play with the color in post processing? the greens of the grass and trees are a little too green, it should have more yellow in it to look natural.

i like that you added in the plant for the foreground, i think it adds a lot of foreground interest and anchors the photo. a smaller aperture, like f/11 or f/16 would have helped get the bush in focus and keep the background in focus too.
I like it, except for the large watermark. It is a bit to distracting for my taste.
This is a nice image, but it is ruined by the very large watermark. If you are going to put a watermark on an image, then it should be unobtrusive and generally in the lower right or left corner, or along one of the edges. I am not sure why you put such a large watermark on this image, but just so you know, a watermark will not stop anyone from stealing your image. If I wanted it, and I don't take other people's images, I could remove the water mark in either Photoshop or Lightroom 5, in less than a minute and no one would ever know that it had been watermarked.

I like how you composed the shot, very nice scene. The lines made by the fences work nicely for me. The light seemed to be harsh but you managed a pleasant shot.
If you use photoshop else than for watermark, maybe you "clean" your image, there's a spot under the "t" and on the right.
Keep them coming :)
What WesternGuy said! :)
totally agree w you guys! watermark is to much!
Me three on the watermark and you have some dust bunnies that need addressing.
Nice photo! I love Newport RI. Awesome seafood, Beautiful Mansions. Nice Start.

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